All the fun things

There’s so much going on this week I don’t even know where to start. Let’s just make a list, shall we?

  1. Yesterday, I did yoga for the first time in probably 6 weeks. This is what not sleeping and not exercising will get you: a creaky, stiff body and a hankering for some twists. Luckily, yoga delivered. I feel light years more alive, and I’m determined not to let so much time pass before my next class.
  2. Today is Halloween. Mackenzie is either going to be a unicorn or a great white shark. HOW DO I PICK BETWEEN MY TWO FAVORITE COSTUMES? HOW?
  3. Today is the last day to save 15% off on prAna’s fall line. Code: PFS16AMB
  4. Today is also the very last day of If Girls Ran the World. I’m squeezing in a few last miles to get us all toward our collective goal. if girls ran the worldWon’t you run /walk / jog a few, too?
  5. Tomorrow, Aftershokz is doing a flash sale for 20% off EVERYTHING, plus free shipping. Whee! Get in on the action starting at 12am ET 11/1 with the code SWEAT20.
  6. Tomorrow is also the start of not one, but TWO challenges. dp_huyh_prepromo1_post_1200x1200We’re getting sweaty with the Runtastic Fitness Channel and with Designer Protein. runtastic-rfcfallfitGet involved here, win prizes. Boom.

Not a bad week, eh? And it’s only Monday.

prAna, If Girls Ran the World, Runtastic, Designer Protein, and Aftershokz are all clients of Fit Approach. I so appreciate your support of the brands who support the #sweatpink community. You make my day. 

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