Crackpot or genius? A remedy for pregnancy allergies

Last week, I got hit HARD by allergies. I actually blame the state of Wyoming: as we were driving through on our road trip, I hit some wall of pollen. It’s no fun driving when your nose and eyes continually leak, and you’re coughing and snotting out of control.

Sorry, that got a little graphic. 

By the time I made it to Austin, I was literally too allergic to function. When you can’t take the allergy drugs you’re used to, you end up singlehandedly destroying an entire rainforest with your kleenex consumption. I couldn’t get anything done: making dinner, taking the dog for a walk, laundry, and sleeping were all off the table.

Fun fact: When I had an allergy skin test done, I had a full on anaphylactic reaction, and got shot up with an epi pen, benadryl, prednisone, and albuterol. Despite the swarming of 5 or 6 medical professionals and hasty application of medications, my results were 100% negative. I am allergic to literally nothing. Zip. Zero. 

After a call to my midwife and a LOT of googling, I gave in and took a Benadryl. Temporary relief, yes. Permanent solution? No.

I know, I know I should use a neti pot. I will try one, someday. I can’t help but get grossed out by it.

BUT. My sister-in-law (midwife) told me the best natural way to get rid of allergies was to drink a gallon of this tea every day:

pregnancy allergy remedy

I’m not going to lie. These kinds of remedies usually fall into my crackpot category. But hey, I had nothing to lose but my misery, and the box of kleenex permanently affixed to my hands, so I gave it a try. Since it’s so damn hot here, I’m drinking a gallon of the iced stuff every day.

It worked. 

At least, I’m allergy free. I’m back to just the usual pregnancy-induced congestion, which is totally manageable.

I don’t know if it was the tea, or just getting the hell out of Wyoming and breathing in enough Texas air to wash away lingering offenders.

But I’m so, so glad it’s gone.

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