Finding the right kind of accountability partner

Let’s talk about accountability. Specifically, about accountability partners. I’ve accepted the hard fact about myself that I NEED accountability to get anything done. I’m not one of those people who will work hard for the journey.

Oh, no.

I need deadlines, buddies, groups, classes, requirements, deliverables, and peer reviews to get into GSD mode. Even better if there’s a shiny reward at the end: grades, gold stars, and other meaningless markers of success are literally the wind beneath my wings.

I’ve learned that the best way for me to get to that shiny reward is to enlist some accountability partners to join me on the ride, and more importantly, to enlist the right kind of accountability partner for a given goal.

I divide accountability partners into two groups: there are motivating accountability partners, and there are irritating accountability partners.*

The health app telling me to stand up when I’ve been baby stuck for hours: irritating.

A coach on Gixo encouraging me to run faster to meet a goal: motivating.

My husband reminding me to drink more water: irritating.

Joining the Sweat Pink community and Gerolsteiner for a hydration challenge: motivating.

So as I work on getting myself back into healthy routines post-baby, I’m rounding up my accountability partners to help me get there. It’s NECESSARY, y’all, to resist the siren call of red vines and another nap.

Here’s who I’m leaning on, and for what goals:

Goal 1: drink more water

Accountability partner: Gerolsteiner Sparkling Mineral Water and the Sweat Pink Community.

As I embark on the Gerolsteiner Sparkling Detox for the third year in a row, the support from my community is crucial. Giving up coffee is pretty much the hardest thing I’ve ever done, but I know I could do it again thanks to going through that challenge with a supportive, engaged community around me.

If you’re new to The Sparkling Detox, here’s how it works: for one week, you replace all beverages with Gerolsteiner Sparkling Mineral Water. It’s a fun way to really focus in on your hydration, plus you get all the extra benefits of the mineral content in Gerolsteiner (reader take note: not all sparkling waters are created equal!). A liter of Gerolsteiner contains 2,500 mg of essential minerals in total, which support the healthy function of your digestive and immune systems. To be honest, while I’m generally aware of how much protein, or how many servings of vegetables I’ve had in a given day, mineral intake just isn’t something I think about that often. It’s nice to know that Gerolsteiner has me covered with highly bioavailable minerals (since they’re in water, they’re more easily absorbed. Boom.)

There’s still time to register for Gerolsteiner’s Sparkling Detox (August 27-31) and you’ll be automatically entered to win a case of Gerolsteiner!

Hitting my stride with hydration is going to be key to tackling my next two goals, too. I see proper hydration as a catalyst for making my other fitness goals happen: being on top of my water intake is basically non-negotiable in the Austin heat, especially because I’m currently breastfeeding.


Goal 2: become a stronger runner

Accountability partner: my neighbor Kristina, Strava and the Sweat Pink community

Up until a few months ago, I had a regular weekly run date with my neighbor, and I can’t wait to jump back into our early morning runs. I so enjoy meeting her in the dark early hours of Monday morning and knocking out a short run to start the week. We each track our runs on different apps, and I loved watching our average time go down on the same route we did every week. Which leads me to…

Confession time. I’ve been a secret Strava user for years. I never made my runs public or even accepted follow requests because I was embarrassed by everything about my profile: my inconsistency, my low mileage, and my turtle speed.

Now I’m embarrassed to admit all those reasons out loud. It’s the opposite of what I believe in, and what our community stands for. So I’m officially coming out on Strava with a public profile and will be sharing my runs there. Because there is no shame in starting over, or in being right where you are.

Here’s my profile. Let’s connect!


Goal 3: easily fit fitness in wherever, whenever

Accountability partner: Gixo & Gixo Teammates

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: the Gixo app is the best thing that happened to new moms for getting back in shape. I took classes up until I was about 34 weeks pregnant (actually, I did join one at 38 weeks, but quickly realized that my jump squats ship had sailed, so I don’t really count that one), and I credit Gixo for helping me feel awesome through most of pregnancy.

I’m counting on it to help me feel awesome now that I’m cleared for exercise, and to help me gain my strength back after a few months of really low activity.

So there you have it, friends. My plan for roping in my accountability partners and reclaiming my fitness. It’s everything I need to jump start a return to regular fitness and to really feel confident and healthy

*There is also a third kind of accountability partner: the fun, no-accountability partner. Long ago, my friend Jackie and I were workout buddies who regularly talked ourselves into brunching and shopping instead of going to the gym. She’s now an Ironman triathlete, and I can only imagine how much sooner she would have crossed that finish line without my “help”.

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