Woah, cue the crankypants

Fair warning: random trains of thought crossings ahead. 

You guys. I’m starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. The last 36 hours have not been super awful. As of the time I’m writing this, I’ve left the house on four separate occasions today, and it’s only noon. Big fucking news.

fit pregnancy first trimester
Playing at the dog park. This counts as exercise, right?

I’m still nauseous, still taking naps.

pregnancy napping naps
This guy is always willing to take a nap with me.

But yesterday I introduced a new food (and a new color!) into my repertoire:

pregnancy first trimester diet
I couldn’t wait – had to take a bite before taking the picture. #ImmediateGratification

Avocado. One of my favorite foods pre-pregnancy; haven’t eaten it in two months. Until yesterday, when avocado toast with loads of salt was bomb.com.

I’m also starting to show. Not enough that the average stranger would notice, but I notice. It’s what a good friend of mine calls the awkward beer belly phase. I’m just thicker through the middle, with a little protuberance at the bottom.

I just entered my second trimester, according to some accounts. I just hit the 12 week mark. But pregnancy is 40 weeks, so I’m counting up until 13 as first trimester. Math, people. Just do it. That also gives me a few more days to really start feeling better so I can swing into *real* second trimester with tons of energy and joy.

Speaking of joy, that’s been the hardest part of the last couple days. I am so inexplicably and irredeemably cranky. My poor husband has been a champ putting up with it. I can barely stand to be around myself.

Also, we found out the sex this week. It makes all this business about growing a little person so much more real. No, I’m not telling yet. Soon.

Now to muster the energy to restock my avocado supply…

Wait, there's more!

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