Gifts for the fitness freaks in your life

Just like the season for Christmas decorations and music seems to extend year after year, so too does the season for discounted shopping. I could take or leave Christmas music (okay, actually, I could just leave it), but the extended shopping discounts season is something I can 100% rally behind.

And today, TODAY ONLY, is a perfect chance to get a gift for the fitness-lover in your life that they’ll love AND that you can customize for them.

1. Build Your Own BOSU Flash Sale

Today only, BOSU is offering a flash sale (15% off!) their Build Your Own BOSU. That means you can customize colors to your heart’s content. It’s not often you can get a big ticket item that’s also customizable, so this BOSU is a perfect way to show your fitness loving special someone that you know their favorite sports team’s colors, or how important it is that their fitness gear matches their shoes or their car.

The possible color combinations are to die for.

I love my BOSU—it’s the perfect at-home workout accessory that you can take outside or keep in your car for impromptu outdoor workouts.

BOSU side plank AMB

2. An ActivMotion Bar in a special color


This is brand new, too: ActivMotion Bar just came out with a limited edition line of colored bars, including… you guessed it, HOT PINK. Hellz yeah.

You can get them discounted via their IndieGoGo campaign, or, hey, why not win one from Fit Approach? We’re giving away three hot pink bars this week. BOOM.

ActivMotion Bars are the ultimate in forcing your core to work harder—the hollow weighted bars are partially filled with shifting ball bearings, meaning you’re constantly having to stabilize the bar while you work out. It’s super efficient strength training.

3. Designer Protein


Designer Protein is offering daily deals until 12/6 as part of their 12 Days of Giving. Today’s deal:

Lite Mini Meal is the same low-calorie protein product you love, now in a meal replacement. Try it out today for 40% off! Use code: LITE40

Follow them on Facebook or check each day for the daily deal! Best thing is, 12% of proceeds to go feed the homeless, so you’re doing good for your body and the world.


Or, you can also use the code SWEATPINK30 for 30% off everything. (Hint: the Gourmet Chocolate Whey is delicious.) So there, lots of options. 🙂

So GO, jump on it, cross off the fitness-lover on your list, and get back to jamming to your Christmas music, hanging up your lights, or practicing your grinch scowl.

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