Getting to be my MostFit

My neighbor showed up at my door the other day with a suspiciously large package.

“I’m so sorry,” he said, “this package for you has been sitting in my entryway for almost two weeks – I’ve been out of town and just realized I had it.”

I could barely lift the giant box. What in the world? I hadn’t been expecting anything, had I?

You guys. It was my Core Hammer from MostFit. The most game-of-thrones-inspired, awe-inducing, badass piece of fitness equipment I’ve ever seen.

As soon as I unpacked the box I was READY to start kicking ass and taking names. I mean, if this hammer doesn’t make you feel like a boss, I don’t know what would.

I took it to the park to experiment with some workouts. Don’t worry, I kept it far away from these wandering babes.

Though Mac clearly had some ideas about what she could do with it…. like take over the world. Mwahahaha.

I started playing around with the hammer. To be honest, I had looked up a bunch of moves you can use them for, but at first, I just wanted to play.

The weight makes it really fun to spin around in circles… you get so much fun momentum.


Then, and only then, did I start doing some actual working out. Though honestly, the playtime got me sore, too.

So, not only is the core hammer badass, but it can be the kind of workout that you don’t realize is a workout, until you can’t lift your arms any more.


And these crazy planks? Crazy core workout, my friends.

I have to say, this would make an amazing gift for anyone who loves fitness OR game of thrones. I mean, how cool does it look under a Christmas tree?

Yeah. You know it. I’m bringing mine home for the holidays.

Best thing is, you can save 10% on the MostFit Core Hammer with the code MFSW10.

And while you might think it’s an unusual holiday gift, just think about how you’re giving that person a jump on new year’s resolutions… or just making her feel like a badass, take no prisoners person.

This post was sponsored by MostFit. All opinions and Daenarys associations are my own. I so appreciate your support of the brands who partner with the #sweatpink community! #sweatpinkpartner

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