Halfway there!

I hit the 20 week mark today. That means I’m halfway done with this preggo journey. That means in just a few weeks, my baby could reasonably be saved if she were to come early.

That shit is crazy. 

I can’t believe how quickly the first half of my pregnancy has gone by. Even the time-crawling, this-will-never-end nature of first trimester is fading into distant memory. (Thank you, whatever biological mechanism is helping me forget the gory details of those first couple months).

In some ways I don’t feel like I can take credit for being halfway done; after all, for the first 2 or 3 weeks they count, you’re not actually pregnant, and for the first 5 or 6, most people don’t know they’re pregnant.

In any case, though, the 20 week mark triggered my anxiety and oh shit this is real buttons like no other milestone has yet. I washed some of the gifts we’ve gotten (how awesome are these?! Thank you Jamie, Nara, and Rena! :))

pregnancy sweat pink

… and then promptly had a little freakout about how we haven’t done anything to get ready. No nursery furniture or decorating or plans. We’re not on any daycare or preschool waiting lists. We’ve had one halfway serious conversation about names. Neither of us knows how we’re going to handle work once the baby comes. (Oh, the joys of working for yourself: there’s no official time off for maternity or paternity, there’s no one to take over your role while you’re bringing a new life into the world), and absolutely no pay while you’re doing 3am feedings instead of hustling for business.

That anxiety storm has passed, at least for now. I woke up this morning feeling much more relaxed, knowing that one way or another, we’ll figure it out. So in the meantime, I’m borrowing one of those pregnancy update blog templates to check in on myself, midway through:

Because every bump photo needs some duck lips.
Because every bump photo needs some duck lips.


How far along? 20 weeks.

Baby is a… banana. Yuck. I hate bananas. Can I choose a different fruit?

Weight gain: no clue. I haven’t laid eyes on a scale in two months. If you’re waffling between an OB and a midwife, here’s another bump in the pro midwife column: there’s no forced weigh-ins. 🙂

Symptoms: overall pretty good! Hungry all the time. I usually get one or two good energy days, then have a wipeout day. Now that I’ve figured out the pattern, I am handling my fatigue days better. I also get really short of breath when I climb the stairs, and dizzy when I stand up.

Cravings: potato chips, but I’m pretty sure that was a pre-existing condition that can’t be blamed on the pregnancy.

Aversions: still not into meat or sweets. I have ice cream occasionally BECAUSE I’M PREGNANT, DAMMIT, but most sweets don’t appeal.

Movements: I’ve felt two movements, really far apart. The first was little butterfly flutters, really early on – I think it was around week 12 or so. The second was the softest little jab during week 18. Waiting for more, and more consistent, movements.

Excited for: our anatomy scan, which I have yet to schedule. I have a feeling seeing an actual baby in there might prompt another freakout.


p.s. I realized I’ve been telling everyone I see in real life, but have yet to officially announce on the internet yet, so here goes:

It’s a girl!!


The end.

Wait, there's more!

7 Replies to “Halfway there!”

  1. 20 weeks – what a milestone! That’s exciting that you know it’s a girl, so happy for you. The movement is so bizarre when it really starts going. A real live human is in there. In my first pregnancy I also was a bit in denial about work and daycares and other things like that – I really did nothing about that stuff and we ended up moving anyhow!

  2. I can’t believe you’re 20 weeks already! I feel like time has been flying for you. And congrats on feeling the baby move – I *think* I felt the baby. But it could be gas. Lord knows I have enough of that going on. I have my anatomy scan less than a month away. I am so so excited for us! Feel good mama and take it easy!

  3. A girlllllll! Yahoo! And those onesies are freaking amazing! You have a majestic unicorn inside of you! 😀 Can’t believe you’re halfway there!

  4. Hooray! It’s a girl!

    We’re actually about the same as you, preparedness wise. As in, not prepared yet. Haven’t bought anything, haven’t started looking at daycares, haven’t thought of names. Hopefully at our anatomy scan next week we’ll find out what gender we’re having so at least maybe we’ll start thinking about names.

    How did you find out the gender before the anatomy scan? Did you do one of the blood tests?

    Don’t worry, we’ll figure this out by the time our babies come 🙂

  5. Congratulations – it’s a girl!! I love reading your pregnancy posts. It’s great that you will always have your journey documented. I took such great notes in baby books back in the day but then I lost both my kids’ books. Yeah for digital diaries!! I told my youngest daughter to follow your blog it should be informative for her being 12 weeks pregnant herself. Enjoy your second half!

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