How to get the death glare

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There are a few tried and true ways of getting a death glare from a pregnant lady.

Want a death glare from me? It’s really very simple to get one.

Make a comment, any comment at all, about what I’m eating. For example:

“You’re eating cereal.” —> Death glare.

“Are we out of potato chips?” –> Death glare.

“I thought your doctor said …” –> Death glare.

“Have you been drinking enough water?” –> Death glare.

There you go. Any of those will work, or you can get creative and come up with your own.

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4 Replies to “How to get the death glare”

  1. So true! I couldn’t eat for a long time at the beginning I was just so nauseous – and then at like 15 weeks, I got a stomach virus- so I was down to eating… bread and crackers… and multigrain cheerios. And the day I finally ate a piece of cheese between two pieces of white bread? Mike’s 90 year old grandmother yelled, AH CRAVING CHEESE ARE WE? I’ve never been so close to elder abuse.

  2. Too bad, we’ll still bug you about drinking enough water. Not gonna stop. I need the reminder and I’m not pregnant and I’ve seen what happens to dehydrated and possibly even underfed preggo ladies…not on my watch and your death glares don’t phase me (sorry).

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