Leaning in and pigging out

These days, I’m hungry all the time. The main way I am getting ready for this baby is by feeding him, at least 5 meals per day. I am really leaning into this ravenous hunger. Two breakfasts has become the norm. Midnight snack, also business as usual. Afternoon snack, always packed.

It’s kind of a funny time to be so promiscuous with my meals, because we’re doing a challenge all about curbing your cravings at Fit Approach. It’s one of those disconnects that might have made my increasingly blurred professional and personal lives feel really inauthentic, but luckily, this is working for me—perhaps not so much in the literal sense of the challenge hashtag, since a more accurate personal hashtag would be #EmbraceYourCravings, but fortunately our partner is helping me tackle two of my perennial nutrition goals: hydration and protein intake.

Our partner is fizzique sparkling protein water. You heard that right, it’s sparkling water with 20g of protein. That is a HUGE chunk of my daily protein goals, in something I actually like to drink. Boom.

The mysterious thing about fizzique is that it’s somehow clear and bubbly even though it’s packed with whey protein. No cloudiness, thickness, or weird aftertaste. Whatever kind of hocus pocus is, I’ll take it.

It comes in two flavors: Strawberry Watermelon and Tropical Limon, both of which I like, but I’m partial to Tropical Limon. If you’re like me and don’t usually drink sweetened beverages (I’m a total curmudgeon about sweetened things, from coffee to yogurt to almond butter, so I realize I’m probably in a grumpy minority here), you might prefer fizzique cut with plain sparkling water. I made myself little mocktails (about half fizzique, half plain sparkling water) that I’d sip on all afternoon as a midday treat / energy boost, and that ratio has me in a happy place, taste-wise. Plus the extra water just means extra hydration, so it feels like the right approach.

If you want to get more creative with mocktails, try these delicious concoctions

One quick note to fellow preggos out there: fizzique does contain some caffeine, so if you’re reducing or avoiding caffeine (I’m clearly not; this book is why), make sure to check the nutritional info / check with your care provider.

protein water

The extra protein is really helpful for (a) making a baby when all I want to eat are carbs and (b) keeping up with my rigorous third trimester workouts, which are increasingly coming from this list.

That said, I’m still planning to participate in the Gixo 5K this Saturday (the race at 9am Central; join me), albeit at a very slow pace.

Want to try fizzique for yourself? Use code LOVEYOURFIZZIQUE for 10% off your first case order (minimum purchase $35) until 7/31/18

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