My favorite maternity activewear

I’ve seen all sorts of pregnant ladies on the internet who were able to wear their regular yoga pants or running shorts all the way through. I don’t know if I’m carrying really low or what, but my regular workout clothes are NOT working for me.

By the time I hit 19 or 20 weeks, my workhorse pair of lululemon wunder under crops (I’ve had them for nearly 7 years now) were the only pants I could (a) get over my hips and (b) still wear without feeling like the waistband was suffocating my baby and cutting off circulation to my abdomen. Even then, some positions, like child’s pose, felt a little constricted.

Clearly, it was time to supersize. I rationalized that a huge part of having a healthy baby is staying fit—and not having clothes you can sweat in is a major obstacle to working out, so I took myself shopping for some maternity activewear, or at least athletic wear that will help me have a sweaty pregnancy.

I’m happy to report that just like maternity jeans, maternity yoga pants are basically the best invention ever.

sweatpink bosustrong


I found these ones by Beyond Yoga and they are super comfy. The elastic maternity part comes up so nice and high I even feel comfortable just wearing pants and a sports bra to class. The one downside is they do tend to sag a little, just like maternity jeans do. I guess that’s the price you pay for super comfy elastic and no belts. 😉

sweatpink beyond yoga

My Skirt Sports running shorts have been a lifesaver; they’re low rise enough that they still fit and feel comfortable. They’ve been my go-to dog walking shorts of late.

sweapink bosustrong

I also found these champion shorts on sale at Target. They’re low-rise enough that if I size up, they’re still comfortable.

champion shorts bosu one leg plank
Whoops, there’s some belly hanging out there…


So far, I’ve been able to get by with the tops I have, mostly because I’m not wearing shirts for most of my yoga classes, and sweatpink tanks tend to run really long. I did try on some maternity tanks at Target and they were AWFUL. They get decent reviews, but on me, they seemed to cling to and accentuate every lump… except the actual bump. I felt so icky in the dressing room I decided I’d rather flaunt my bare belly than rock a tank that unflattering.

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  1. Try the GAP and ON. Gap makes the best workout tops! Plus it seems like they are always on sale. Keep it up! I was able to workout up until the day I delivered and it made for a speedy recovery. Also my DR told be that spin was the best form of exercise for pregnant ladies…. just saying 😉

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