Is it fall yet?

It’s October 18, and it’s 93 degrees and humid in Austin.

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So you can forgive me for not sharing my latest fall gear from prAna just yet.. because did I mention it’s 93 degrees and humid in Austin?

Luckily my new prAna sweater and jeans arrived while I was still in Tahoe, when early mornings and nights were cooling off enough to play around in my new clothes.


And then I went to Portland and had a prom photo shoot with the team in our prAna gear, and my life was basically complete.


I’m so looking forward to fall actually happening because:

1. OMG I can’t wear shorts anymore. My ‘tan’ is fading fast. These legs aren’t meant to be exposed so late in the year.

2. These pants are perrrfect. The length on the jeans are nothing short (pun intended) of amazing. I have so many pants that are supposed to be full length jeans that I just pretend are crops. The Kara jeans, god bless ‘em, are long enough to wear with a cuff (as they’re styled by prAna) or uncuffed, and either way, they look intentional.




Fear not, oh ye of normal height: the cut on these pants is straight enough I believe they could be easily hemmed without losing a flare, a skinny ankle, or anything in between.

I’m wearing the black color, which is not a true, true black, but more of a super dark denim black. Does that make sense? It’s actually a better color than a true black if you’re someone who tends to sit in the grass (mud?), spill on herself, and get spilled on.

Likewise, the Lucia sweater is generous in arm and torso length, but not so much so that my shorter friends can’t rock it. I mean, check out all my petite friends in the same sweater:


It’s cozy and warm and the details make it feel special.


Not to mention, Mac likes to snuggle up in it.


Once the weather here permits, I’ll be wearing these on the regular.

This post was sponsored by prAna. All opinions are my own. I so appreciate your support of the brands who partner with the #sweatpink community. 

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