Pregnancy Favorites

Every person out there who has been pregnant has a tried and true list of things that made their life easier while they were growing a new life.

I ended up sending this list so many times via email or text or in conversation that I finally put it in writing. It’s intentionally short; it only includes the things that I found essential and /or life changing while I was pregnant. There were plenty of other things that were nice to have, but these are the ones that made all the difference for me. Hope it helps you on your own journey, too.


I loved this pregnancy pillow once I could no longer sleep on my stomach, and it has a second life beyond pregnancy, because now my toddler sleeps with it.

Sample sizes of salty snacks

If first trimester has you on your knees, get whatever foods you can tolerate in really small packages, because, at least for me, as soon as I’d had even a few bites of particular food, I started associating it with nausea and could no longer eat it. So I ended up with a lot of open, unfinished bland carbs crowding my pantry. 

GapFit Maternity tops

I wore this t-shirt pretty much every day and for every workout, and I have the Instagram account to prove it. It ended up being just a smidge short for me by the end of pregnancy, but I am tall (6 ft) and I got huge, so chances are it will work for you.

Sizing: I am a medium in just about everything, pregnant or not, and medium in this shirt fit perfectly. If this specific tee is gone, I found that all the tops in the GapFit Breathe line were winners. 


Toward the end of both of my pregnancies, Birkenstocks were the only shoes I could tolerate—or that would go onto my swollen feet. 


This is so outside my normal, I hesitated to include this, or share the original post about it, but I’m pretty sure this herbal tea cured my allergies while I was pregnant, when I couldn’t take the good allergy drugs. 

And that’s it, friends.

All the pregnancy product marketers out there are probably frustrated that this list is so short … but truly, I didn’t need all that much for pregnancy besides clothes that fit and plenty of snacks. The rest is just gimmick.