Quiet time

I’ve been a bit of a homebody and a hermit this last week, thanks to sick baby quarantine (#necessary) and some behind-the-scenes developments that I can’t share yet but are making me sad and reflective.

prana mantra pants
Living for these prAna mantra pants these days – the perfect playground to yoga play pant.

The silver lining to staying home and keeping quiet is that it’s given me a chance to feel grateful for the community we’ve built in Austin. There’s nothing like a baby to spur you to make connections and make new friends, and having this easy point of entry into finding my people in a new city has been the greatest gift. (Besides, of course, the baby herself).

New staples: the bike, my Essence pH10 water, and sunglasses of the week (sure to be broken by the time this post publishes…)

I’ve also been making more space for home practice—still such a work in progress; I live for the energy and structure a group class provides—but hey, any poses are better than no poses.

prana mantra pant sweat pink
What standing splits turns into when the baby goes mysteriously quiet… #troubleafoot

Mac and I have been having some special mommy & me dates: at the park, on the bike, and at home,  where she’s become a champion selfie-artist.

These pants, people. I just can’t stop wearing them.
A selfie by Mac. #artistinthemaking

I’ll be back with more details and more glee in the near future; in the meantime, I’ll be online shopping while the baby naps. If you want to be my pants twin, they (and everything else at prAna) is 15% off with the code S4P17AMB. 🙂

Stay sweaty, stay connected, my friends.


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3 Replies to “Quiet time”

  1. So glad you’ve got comfy pants to keep you company while you’re spending some time being cozy at home. 🙂 ALL THE LOVE to you an d Mac – excited to pour one out next week.

  2. I would definitely be your pants twin, if that meant my my legs would grow to twin your long and beautiful ones ;-). Those pants look AWESOME – I’m still in to twin! Stay cozy, lady! See you so soon!


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