Walking away from MSG and judgers

I just got back from our annual conference, Blogfest, and have a ton of things on my mind, some pregnancy related, some not.

sweat pink blogfest fun
LOVE these Cory Vines jackets we had made for Blogfest. I’m still living in mine.


blogfest sweat pink best fitness conference

We had an amazing weekend at the conference, and I must say, traveling during second trimester is much, much easier than during the first. I’m so grateful to my team—Jamie, Dapinder, Liz, here’s looking at you—for taking such good care of me this weekend and doing all the heavy lifting.

I was literally the “sit here and watch the stuff while your team members carry heavy furniture and boxes, and then feed you” girl this weekend.

Post conference, things have been a little… funky. Recovering from the conference has taken a slightly different road than usual, and not just because I’m knocked up. (tl;dr: less sleeping, more eating than usual).

ANYWAY. I’ll be back with more about all that once I have a chance to process and articulate my thoughts.  Here’s what’s happening in pregnancy land.

All the eating.

I am hungry every couple of hours. Debilitatingly hungry. Panicky, can’t think straight hungry. So I’m eating 5-6 meals every day. And it’s pretty fun.

Now, before you get all up in arms about how I shouldn’t really be eating for two, here’s what my midwife told me, and I quote:

Don’t worry about calories or weight gain. Just eat when you’re hungry, and eat smaller meals often, so your blood sugar stays more consistent.

Possibly the best thing a care provider—or any human, for that matter—has ever said to me.


second trimester food cravings

I’m all about the hard boiled eggs, the avocado, the yogurt, and the breakfast burrito these days. Siggi’s yogurt, specifically. High fat proteins are where it’s at.

second trimester food cravings

I also had this weird holdover craving from first trimester: Mongolian barbecue. Greasy pan-asian noodles just sounded so.darn.good, but I couldn’t find any close to me in Austin, so as soon as I arrived at my parents’ house, I recruited a willing lunch companion: my dad.

second trimester pregnancy cravings

I suspected that Mongolian Barbecue was not going to be as delicious as I remembered (I think the last time I had it was in high school?!) but rest assured, it was just as salty and greasy and carb-y and perfect as I had hoped. It didn’t even matter that I’m not nauseous anymore; it just tasted good.


Mostly feeling good! I’ve had a few nauseous moments but nothing to write home about. I get out of breath at embarrassing moments, like walking up the stairs or hustling between sessions at the conference last weekend.

second trimester symptoms
This is obviously not me. When I started feeling lightheaded during conference workouts, I took pictures of other, more awesome people. Pictured: @PowerCakes & @HipHealthyChick, rocking those plank jacks.


I also find that my energy gets zapped more quickly, especially in group settings. I’m an introvert by nature and my people-time energy seems to have lost some of its staying power.

The biggest symptom I’ve noticed (besides the uncomfortable pressure along my waistband) are MSG headaches. I’ve never had an issue with MSG; quite the opposite, really. I love nacho cheese doritos and basically anything doused in the salty good stuff. I even own a shaker of MSG, which my husband and I used to put on mac’n’cheese and other yummy things that of course we would never eat because I’m in the fitness industry. 

Unfortunately, my love affair with the much maligned additive seems to be over. I had some less-than-amazing takeout a few weeks ago (see: greasy noodle cravings) and had a crushing headache for the next two days. That delicious bowl of noodles I slurped down unfortunately seemed to incite the same pressure in my temple… so I’m going to try to stay away from MSG (sob) and see if the headaches do, too.

All the judgments

So, now that you’re judging me for devouring that Mongolian barbecue and confessing my love of MSG, let me share the first moment of actual judgment I’ve experienced since becoming a vessel for another life.

I made some offhand comment to an acquaintance about how I was eating fairly healthy now, but I ate only potato chips in my first trimester because I couldn’t keep anything else down. (Which, as you know, is partly true and also partly not true; I also ate a lot of bagels).

The look on her face was the most judgey, withering scorn I have seen in a long time.

It was irritating, to say the least, but I also felt completely at ease walking away from that conversation and not letting her reaction bother me. I own the fact that my first trimester was all about getting through it, any way I could.

Go away, judgers. Ain’t no room for you here.

Wait, there's more!

13 Replies to “Walking away from MSG and judgers”

  1. I’m assuming that person has NOT been pregnant. Anyone who has would place no judgement on what you’re eating at anytime during your pregnancy! For god sake I craved (and ate) red hot tamales during my pregnancy. #wth #gottaeatwhatthebabywants 🙂

    1. Hahha thanks, Giselle! This person had a few kids but she must have been blessed by the easiest pregnancies ever… or had just forgotten what it’s like in the trenches!

      And mm, now I’m thinking about hot tamales… 😀

  2. people are always going to come at you, shoving opinions down your throat, and you always gotta be like, i do what I want…I have a feeling it’ll get worse with motherhood but good thing your armed & ready (we’ve been training for this – laced with poison!) 🙂 glad you’re giving in to your cravings and eating … You’re supposed to eat and ain’t nobody supposed to be telling you otherwise. 🙂 eat for the alien!!

  3. I love this post and will share it with my youngest daughter (the one I took to Blogfest), who happens to be in her first trimester. I will definitely be as cooperative as your dad when it comes to being an awesome lunch companion! Congrats again to you and HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALYSE!

    1. Congrats to you and your daughter, Diane!! How exciting – and she’s lucky to have you as a mom / grandma-to-be / lunch companion. 🙂

      If she ever wants to vent or chat about preggo stuff, please connect us!

    1. Hahah thank you Kylie! You have your own experience with taking the plunge and not listening to any naysayers… (You inspire me SO MUCH and I love your story!)

      Here’s to potato chips. BOOM. 🙂

  4. I love this Alyse!! You do whatever you can and you treat yourself because you are creating a human and you deserve it!!

    I fully support it – no judgement here! (In full disclosure, Mongolian BBQ contributed quite heavily to my crazy pregnancy weight gain, but you have a much better start than I did and I only started learning and focusing more on healthy living after my second.) You know your stuff and you are one healthy and inspiring lady – do what you want! That is one lucky baby no matter what!

    1. Oh my gosh, what is it about Mongolian BBQ tasting so good?! I honestly can’t stop thinking about it. 😉

      I am so grateful to have healthy, supportive mamas like you to look to for advice and how tos … I love reading your journey and am so inspired by what you’ve accomplished!

      Three cheers for carbs and ice cream. 😉

  5. I love the posts! The MSG explanation correlates with a trip to Dairy Queen that didn’t go to well during the first trimester. I ate a ton of carbs and ice cream when I was pregnant. Enjoy those potato chips!

    1. Thanks, Larisa!

      Oh no, I was kind of hoping my MSG theory would be wrong… 😉

      But I’m so glad to be validated on the carbs & potato chips..especially because I’d be thrilled to create a baby half as perfect as yours! Can’t wait for the cousins to meet! 🙂

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