So long, summer, so long #weirdworkouts

What a lovely summer it’s been. Hawaii. BlogFest. Tahoe. I’m possibly the luckiest person on the planet to have spent my summer in all these amazing places and with all these incredible people.

We’re winding down our last couple days in Tahoe, before heading to Portland to visit the Flex & Flow team, and I’ll FINALLY get to see the studio in action! I’m so excited I can barely stand it. I was there back in December, when the studio was just an empty box in need of paint, floors, and some major TLC, and I was a super pregnant person waddling through Home Depot and Lumber Liquidators.

I’m trying to take advantage of our last few days in Tahoe to their fullest extent. What I’ve so appreciated about being here in the summer is that it gave me a chance to build up my fitness in a low stress, let’s-get-outside way.

prana wetsuit tahoe
Out for a swim in my prAna wetsuit.

My workouts haven’t been activities I’d normally call workouts. There are no machines, no instructors, no tracking miles or steps or calories or minutes.

weird workout prana

It’s been a summer of hiking, of swimming, and morning yoga just because it feels good.

weird workout prana
At the top of Old Meyers Grade with Tiara, Natasha, Nara, my parents, babies, and dogs!

It’s my kind of #weirdworkout. After so many months of feeling out of whack post-baby, it’s beyond incredible to feel like myself again.

yoga tahoe prana top fabletics bottoms aftershokz
prAna swimsuits are hands down THE BEST. Crops are Fabletics. Pink headphones are Aftershokz!

Plus, getting Mackenzie out into nature daily feels like bonus points in the mom column.

weird workout sparklingdetox
The reason there is Gerolsteiner in almost all of my pics is because I’m doing the #sparklingdetox... it’s a pretty fun way to stay hydrated! 🙂

She goes nuts for the trees, the water, and the dogs we spy on the beach or on our hikes. Hearing her happy squeals are an extra reward on top of the endorphins.

I’m scheming how to pack my weird workout and take it back to Austin. I’m going to miss all this outdoor time and nature. And I’d much rather get outside with my family and just enjoy moving and sweating without focusing on hitting some magic number of miles, minutes, etc.

weirdworkout sweat pink

I like just moving for the pure joy of moving. I think that counts as weird in our quantified-self age?

swimming wetsuit

But that’s my #weirdworkout, and I love it.

In the spirit of weird workouts, join me for a fun contest brought to you by prAna and Organic Valley. You could win $300 worth of prAna gear and a two month supply of Organic Fuel. Boom.

Enter here. 


This post was sponsored by prAna. All opinions, including undying love of their swimsuits, are my own, and I so appreciate you supporting the brands who support the Sweat Pink community. 

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