We’re currently en route from Tahoe to Texas, and oh my, roadtripping while pregnant is a a whole different ballgame, from having to pee all the time to struggling to get comfortable in the car. I’m also doing lots of foot and ankle movements and pedaling my legs to help prevent DVT. The idea of getting a life-threatening clot in the middle of nowhere, with no cell service, is just terrifying.

I packed about a million snacks for myself to make sure I wouldn’t demand extra stops when I got hangry. These delicious nectarines were so worth the sticky fingers and dripping juice:


I packed up my Wild Friends nut butters (both the full-size jars and the travel packs).

sweat pink wild friends nut butter

Inside my awesome shark lunchskin? Hemp Heart Bites, my new go-to travel snacks. They’re so satisfying and delicious, plus full of protein and omega-3s.

wild friends and lunch skins

Here’s a picture of the actual Hemp Heart Bites. They’re kind of like a soft, chewy sesame brittle, and they swing both ways in being a savory snack and a sweet snack. (Try them for 15% off with code HHBitesLaunch15)

sweat pink hhbites

Speaking of sweets, my prenatal vitamins have been my candy fix on the roadtrip.

smartypants prenatal vitamins

Oh, except for that one box of red vines…  #necessaryroadtripfood.

To be fair, I’m not even road tripping the whole way. We’re in Utah for the day—I put my foot down about not doing two long driving days in a row—and tomorrow we’re off to Denver to see our godchildren. From there, I’ll fly home and Nathan will continue the drive with Tigger. He’s so good to me. 🙂


alyse utah
The ski runs are so green this time of year!


high lunge park city
Oops, my knee is farther forward than my ankle. Don’t tell the yoga police!

In other news, I stepped on a scale today, and woah, Nelly, I’m up 12 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight.  I’m usually sort of neutral toward scales, I know I’m supposed to be gaining weight (and I’m having a ton of fun doing it!) but something about moving up a decade in weight was surprising in a not-so-good way. I haven’t weighed this much since I came home unhealthily stuffed with chocolate croissants, cheese, and cheap booze after my junior year abroad. Being full of a baby is definitely a better reason to be back in this weight class, but it was still a shock.

(This isn’t a cry for attention or counterarguments, by the way – I just surprised myself with how surprised I was to see that number, even though I was expecting it.)

Anyway, back to the business of downloading more podcasts for tomorrow’s drive and getting a little more active time outside of the car.

And…speaking of active time, it’s the last day of the #liveinprAna challenge. The prompt is:

What are your favorite ways to restore your mind, body, and soul? 

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prana sweat pink

Snacking, all the time snacking

The thing about being really hungry all the time is you have to always be prepared to be eating again.

Since I’m trying to be healthier this second trimester (making up for my potato chip sins of the first few months!) I’ve been experimenting with all sorts of quick, nutritious, protein rich, and packable, snackable foods.

My lifesaver has been Wild Friends Nut Butters. All their glorious, delicious flavors keep me from getting bored when I eat my second or third apple with nut butter of the day.

Now, let me back up a moment. When it comes to foods, I’m usually a purist: I like my coffee black, my yogurt as plain as plain gets, and my nut butters sans sweeteners and other additives. So most Wild Friends flavors aren’t something I’d naturally reach for, but during BlogFest, I practically lived on their mini chocolate almond butter packets, and hot damn, it’s a powerful counterargument to my purist inclinations.

It’s just a bit of unsweetened dark chocolate and agave added in – which in my book is just a more efficient way to make your chocolate-nut butter combo happen, and I’m enjoying having “dessert” as a snack.

wild friends chocolate almond butter apple


I’ve been exploring all the flavors, too, because Wild Friends was kind enough to send me NOT JUST that delicious chocolate almond nut butter, and vanilla espresso almond butter, but also a sampling of all their flavors in convenient mini packs.

I’ve been taking them EVERYWHERE:

wild friends sandcastle
To the beach! Is this sandcastle awesome or what? I had no hand in making it. 🙂


And on hikes:

wild friends on the rocks at the cascades


sweat pink wild friends almond butter

Tigger wants some Wild Friends in his mouth, too, but he'll have to settle for this stick.
Tigger wants some Wild Friends in his mouth, too, but he’ll have to settle for this stick.

And kayaking:

wildfriends kayaking
Forgive this blurry picture; I took it through my well-worn “waterproof case,” aka a ziploc bag.


I am LOVING all the flavors. It’s so fun to mix it up so you’re not snacking on the same thing every day. Or multiple times a day, as the case may be. 😉

I received complimentary product to try. All appetites and opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands who support Fit Approach, the #sweatpink community, and AMB.