In 2017, I will

2016 started on such a high note, with the birth of my daughter and the opening of Flex & Flow.

2016 wound down to a devastating close. It was the year that showed us that the glass ceiling is disinclined to break, but will take advantage of your proximity by stabbing you in the back and grabbing your lady parts.

I took a break from the internet, from the news and social media, for a few weeks in December. I had to break free of the masochistic tendency to open up the comments section on any news article (why? WHY?) and to step away from the trolls that sank me into a major depression about how much our country hates women.

Anyway, I digress. The whole point of this was to step away, to recenter, to come back with renewed energy.

To stop feeding the trolls with my attention.

The last week of the year is typically easy on my inbox—thank god for small mercies—and it’s a time I typically use to step back and plan and power through some projects that hadn’t been given the attention they deserved earlier in the year. This year, this week, I’ve been focused on how to change my mindset from this dark shitstorm that closed out 2016 to one of empowerment and action.

Our theme for 2017 is #IAmEmpowered. The community will be rallying around positive action, and I’m so eager to see my community lift up inspiration and inclusiveness after a hateful, divisive year.

I’m tacking on to that my word for 2017, which is actually two words, because #IAmEmpowered to make it so, dammit.

Begin again. 

Did I mention this has been a brittle, tough year? My resilience is beaten down. It’s saggier, less springy, and it has dark circles under its eyes. In the moments when bouncing back feels too fucking hard, I repeat these words to myself, again and again, until they lose their meaning and become pure sound.

Begin again. Begin again. Begin again. Begin again. Begin again. 

In 2017, I refuse to let anyone strip me of my power. I refuse to give up. I will make change and I will stand up for what I believe is right and I will keep hammering at that fucking ceiling.

In 2017, I will not let little setbacks add up and become insurmountable. I will begin again.

Bring it, 2017.






All the fun things

There’s so much going on this week I don’t even know where to start. Let’s just make a list, shall we?

  1. Yesterday, I did yoga for the first time in probably 6 weeks. This is what not sleeping and not exercising will get you: a creaky, stiff body and a hankering for some twists. Luckily, yoga delivered. I feel light years more alive, and I’m determined not to let so much time pass before my next class.
  2. Today is Halloween. Mackenzie is either going to be a unicorn or a great white shark. HOW DO I PICK BETWEEN MY TWO FAVORITE COSTUMES? HOW?
  3. Today is the last day to save 15% off on prAna’s fall line. Code: PFS16AMB
  4. Today is also the very last day of If Girls Ran the World. I’m squeezing in a few last miles to get us all toward our collective goal. if girls ran the worldWon’t you run /walk / jog a few, too?
  5. Tomorrow, Aftershokz is doing a flash sale for 20% off EVERYTHING, plus free shipping. Whee! Get in on the action starting at 12am ET 11/1 with the code SWEAT20.
  6. Tomorrow is also the start of not one, but TWO challenges. dp_huyh_prepromo1_post_1200x1200We’re getting sweaty with the Runtastic Fitness Channel and with Designer Protein. runtastic-rfcfallfitGet involved here, win prizes. Boom.

Not a bad week, eh? And it’s only Monday.

prAna, If Girls Ran the World, Runtastic, Designer Protein, and Aftershokz are all clients of Fit Approach. I so appreciate your support of the brands who support the #sweatpink community. You make my day. 

We’re pregnant!

Big, sort of surprising news! We’re pregnant! 10 weeks, to be exact.

Due date: January 14, 2016. We hope she hangs in there an extra day so she’s born on Nathan’s birthday.*

It’s a little early to announce, but we have our reasons:

  • I’m terrible at keeping secrets
  • Anyone who knows me will quickly spot my lack of caffeine, alcohol, and soft cheeses and immediately know something is up
  • If something goes wrong, I’d rather have the support of my family and online community than to be secretly sad
  • My family has been pressuring us for years now, and it’s too hard to not tell them they can let up on the innuendo and the suggestions and the death threats and start buying us presents already**

Those of you who got in on the secret early and kept it so well (my mom and Jamie), THANK YOU. We are humbled and amazed by your discretion. We know it wasn’t easy.

Diaper practice starts now:

2010-01-16 19.30.15

Good thing we have lots of time to keep practicing. #poortigger

2010-01-16 19.31.32

No, we don’t actually know the sex yet. 

** If you do want to buy us presents, that is AWESOME. You are AWESOME. But… we’re going to be all demanding and ask that you not get presents for the baby until she’s here, or at least until we’ve registered. We are blessed with lots and lots of hand me downs. Whee!