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Even though If Girls Ran the World is over, it’s kept me thinking hard about how I can continue to support equality and empowerment for women and girls around the world.  And one super concrete way that I can better support women is through what clothing I choose to purchase.

The thing is, I’ve always been a sucker for fast fashion. It enables so many spur of the moment purchases, so many costume opportunities, and closes out so much room for regrets. Oops, I spilled red wine on this white top? NBD, it was only $7. Oh, I actually hate the way this skirt looks on me? Who cares, it was only $9.

You know the drill.

I started looking at the labels on all my clothes and there’s no way around it: I’m supporting the low wages and bad working conditions at garment factories in places like Bangladesh, Cambodia, and Vietnam.

I’ve decided to make an effort to shop more consciously—to stay away from the low-cost instant gratification of fast fashion. This literally happened yesterday, so I haven’t really been put to the test yet (aka, I haven’t been to the baby section at Target, where a cart full of adorable tiny nothings runs you about $14 …)

But, I did get a trial run of what wearing sustainable, worker-friendly clothing might feel like. As luck would have it, I got a chance to try Pavepara, an activewear brand made here in the USA, by people paid a living wage. And it’s actually cute, y’all. It doesn’t feel like a compromise; it feels like a win-win.


I’ve been wearing the hoodie everywhere: to the park with Mac, as a light layer to and from yoga, and tied around my waist for a little modesty when I’m out and about in spandex.

selfie pavepara

The neckline is purrr-fect: just low enough that you can show off your layer underneath, but high enough that you can safely wear it without a base layer.


The (long enough!) silk sleeves are such a luxe touch – this really is a crossover piece. I even layer it under a blazer (or will, once the weather dips below 70 – ha!).

The shorts are really nice, too, with a pretty silk trim. The waistband looks a little scrunchy in pictures but does lay flat on your hips (translation: no muffin top). Hooray!

if girls ran the world

The shorts are just a titch shorter than I usually wear, but I am absurdly tall, so they’re likely the perfect length for anyone under 6′, or who has been working out more than I have and wants to show off their legs o’ steel.

pavepara houston wall

Everything from Pavepara is made of super soft, washable merino wool. (Which is better for the planet, and more breathable, than cotton or bamboo).

stroller pavepara

Overall, I’m such a fan, and I love clothing that makes me feel good while I’m wearing it, not only for how I look, but for supporting sustainable goods and living wages.

I have my eye on their legwarmers, next – how cute are these?

And, good news: Pavepara is offering you 30% off anything with the code SWEATPINKLOVE

This post was sponsored by Pavepara. All opinions are my own. I so appreciate you supporting the brands who support the Sweat Pink community. XO.

Let’s talk about bras, part 2

Well, apparently this is the week I talk about boobs. And I’m pretty okay with that.

Title Nine invited me to attend their #T9FitFest, where a team of #bravangelists ply you with cheese and wine and fit you for your perfect sports bra.

t9fitfest sign
Apparently you’re supposed to replace sports bras every year? Guess it’s time to say goodbye to my “vintage” Target sports bras from circa 2005… 😉


I had to decline the wine (*sniff*) but did get all sorts of individual attention from a bravangelist. She asked me about my lifestyle and favorite activities, and handpicked an assortment of bras for me to try.

Loving these #bravangelists @titlenine ! #t9fitfest is a success! #myt9 #sweatpink #fitpregnancy #atx

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Most of them were bras I would never pick up for myself, and fit like a dream. How amazing is it to have a personal shopper who pushes you out of your comfort zone? (Or, in this case, into your comfort zone?) I ended up going home with the 3 reasons bra from Moving Comfort, a silky dream of a bra that… wait for it… will also work for nursing.

moving comfort bra product only

Again, my bravangelist’s genius at work: it never would have occurred me to to look for that feature in a sports bra. #somuchtolearn moving comfort bra detail

In addition to this awesome bra, there was a swag bag chock full of amazing goodies from Aveda, Osmo, Skinny Pop, and of course Title Nine. Title 9 swag bag

Hands down the BEST part of the event, though, was running into Lora from Crazy Running Girl. We’ve known each other online for years (and even met in person once, many years ago) but have been struggling to actually get together in Austin.  crazy running girl title nine fitfest

I’ve already put my new bra to the test with a handful of workouts:

A heated vinyasa class 

A BOSU workout airplane BOSU moving comfort bra   

And an UrbanKick video on Booya.

Once again, I forgot I was wearing a bra. Now that’s what I call a good fit!

Okay, enough about me and my bras. The best news is that (a) you can go have a date with a bravangelist, too. Austinites, head over to Title Nine this Wednesday and Thursday, October 14 and 15 for a free fitting with a bravangelist. RSVP here.

And (b) I get to give away a free bra to one of you! It comes with a #bravengelist fitting so you know you’ll be getting the right one. (If you’re not close to a Title Nine store, you can do it online or via phone).

Good luck!

#T9FitFest Giveaway!

Disclosure: I received my bra for free from Title Nine. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands who support AMB! 




Let’s talk about bras

the best bra
I hate bras. Will go out of my way to avoid wearing them. I live in sports bras and bralettes, and basically rue the day when my outfit demands a real bra with straps and clasps and underwires and UGH.
Since I got pregnant, my breasts have shape shifted right along with the rest of my body, to the point where not a single bra I owned fit. I made it work for as long as possible, but last weekend I had a wedding to go to, and I needed a little more structure and substance than a bralette could afford.

On a friend’s recommendation, I went and tried some of the new wireless, seamless options from Victoria’s Secret.

“They’re just like sports bras,” she promised, “only you can wear them under regular clothes!”

I tried on ALL the bras.

I hated ALL the bras.

They were just as bad as regular bras, and made my flesh bulge in all the wrong (read: not sexy) places, like under my arms and on my back. I tried a few other stores in hopes that I could find something to wear under my dress, but came with nothing but bra-burning fantasies.

My package from ThirdLove showed up just two days before the wedding. I confess that while I was excited to get pretty things in the mail, I was skeptical.

the best bra

Did I mention I hate bras and think they are designed specifically for torture? 

I threw them in the wash and literally the first time I put one on was as I was scrambling to get ready for the wedding.

sweat pink

The rest of my experience can pretty much be summed up by one sentence:

When I came home 9 hours later, I was surprised to see I was wearing a bra under my dress. 

I literally forgot I was wearing a bra. That has never happened to me before. I’m always pulling up fallen straps, adjusting poky underwires, generally wishing I were not in cups.

They had a quick-draw photo booth at the wedding. How fun is that?!
They had a quick-draw photo booth at the wedding. How fun is that?!
But this one was different. Both of my ThirdLove bras fit beautifully and look good under clothes, too. And since I’ve been trying to step up my game and not wear sweats every day, they’ve really come to the rescue.

My favorite is the lacy Perfect Plunge bra, just because it’s the prettiest purple and, well, the lace, but the feather-light foam bra is a serious workhorse of a bra. It looks great under even the thinnest of white tops, and doesn’t give you icky back fat bulges or other weird lines. Meanwhile, you can forget you’re wearing it.
jessica simpson top thirdlove bra
Wearing a Jessica Simpson maternity top and the featherlight ThirdLove bra – not a funky line or bulge in sight! (Except, of course, the baby… )
jessica simpson top thirdlove bra back
Hoooray for no back fat bulges! Also, how pretty is the back of this top?
I’m dying to try the wireless bra and… surprise, surprise, the bralette caught my eye, too. 😉

I would tell you how sizing runs but honestly my body has changed so much I am not a reliable source. But – the good news is, the ThirdLove app is an actually reliable source. 🙂 It’s virtual bra fitting, and before you roll your eyes and think, “that could NEVER work,” give it a try. When I got measured during my shopping trip, three different salespeople measured me at three different sizes. The ThirdLove app nailed it: the size they suggested and then sent me was the perfect fit.

So tell me: what are your bra woes?

– Your friendly former bra-hater

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