Busting out of my clothes

Today’s prompt for the #1MillionMinutes #LiveinprAna challenge is:

What in your wardrobe needs an upgrade?

This prompt couldn’t be more timely.

I told you about my new love, my maternity jeans. Even though most people claim I am not showing (come on, people, according to my app, my uterus is the size of a honeydew right now!), those pants were a necessary wardrobe update.

It’s been a while since I could really argue that my wardrobe updates were necessary. Moving to Austin was one such opportunity: coming from the SF Bay Area, I owned nothing that could stand up to the kind of heat Austin summers deliver. I had to buy a few pairs of shorts just to survive.

Now that my body is doing all sorts of strange shape shifting, let me tell you what else needs an upgrade.

My favorite prAna swimsuit.

alyse cascades prana suit

My favorite running skirt.

Um, all of my pants. Come winter, my jackets that I already can’t zip up comfortably. So, I’m taking this opportunity, not to mention prAna’s swim sale that’s happening RIGHT NOW, to at least take care of that bathing suit issue. After all, it’s still summer, and my version of #liveinprAna has had a lot to do with bathing suits, recently.

Side note: prAna swimsuits are literally the only swimsuit on earth I would order online. And I LOVE them when they show up, even though I’ve never tried them on pre-purchasing. These babies stay in place and flatter like you wouldn’t believe. #thankyouprAna.

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